Miller's Stone Retail Store

The Miller's Stone Pet Food & Feed Store

Welcome to the Miller’s Stone! Miller’s Stone is a rural farm store located in Heidelberg, Ontario and is a branch of Jones Feed Mills. The Miller’s Stone Pet and Feed Store offers a wide range of country goods including: pet foods, equine supplies, general livestock supplies, bird feeds & feeders, natural, organic and specialty meats & ice cream, as well as various items with a natural or country theme. 

The Miller’s Stone staff take great pride in creating a pleasant experience while shopping at the store and are always available to answer questions on pet feeds, backyard chicken raising, bird feeding, livestock feeds or where our meats are sourced from.

Take a drive out to Miller’s Stone store where we are sure you will enjoy the area and your experience exploring the many products and feeds available!

Some of the items available at Miller’s Stone:

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Fly season is here and Miller Stone Store carries several Fly Management Supplies such as Fly String, Tapes and Rolls to keep the summer flies under control. We also carry contained fly traps, like the Fly Buster 2 L garden trap, which can be placed outside to control the fly population for over a month depending on the weather. Stop by and ask our team to help you find the Fly Management Tools right for you! 




Miller's stone store

2755 Lobsinger Line,
Heidelberg, ON N0B 2M1
Phone: (519) 699-5200

Monday - Friday 8am - 5:30pm
Saturday - 8am - 4:00pm