Jones Feed Mills is experienced in servicing all aspects of the poultry industry. Whether your business is commercial production (broilers, breeders or layers, turkeys, ducks or specialty breeds), a backyard or a hobby operation, we have the products and expertise to serve you.

Jones Poultry Services Include:

  • Complete ration formulation services using industry leading technology
  • Least-costing available
  • Ingredient sampling and evaluation
  • Direct communication with Jones Nutrition Team
  • Regular on-farm and electronic support
  • Ration budgeting and forecasting
  • Data collection, bench-marking and evaluation
  • Mixer calibration, evaluation and auditing
  • Facility evaluation including ventilation
  • Backyard program design
  • Bio-security policies ensured


  • Quality Premixes, Supplements & Complete Feeds
  • Conventional, Organic and Non-GMO feeds

A note from our Nutrition Department:

JFM reminds you that as summer comes upon us to inspect the air intakes throughout your barns to ensure they allow for maximum air intake and are without obstruction. The ability to take fresh air in, as well as exhaust it, according to the number and size of birds in your barn, has a significant influence on intakes as well as performance. If ever questioning your ventilation system, talk to your JFM Poultry Sales Consultant to discuss options for a JFM ventilation audit.





Our Poultry Sales Team

Mike Edwards

Mike Edwards

Manager of Nutritional Services
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Peter Dickie

Poultry Sales Consultant
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Steve Dann

Steve Dann

Sales Representative

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