Jones Feed Mills is experienced in servicing all aspects of the poultry industry. Whether your business involves broilers, breeders, layers, turkeys, ducks, specialty breeds or backyard birds, we have the products and expertise to serve you.

Jones Poultry Services Include:

  • Complete ration formulation services using industry leading technology
  • Least-costing available
  • Ingredient sampling and evaluation
  • Direct communication with Jones Nutrition Team
  • Regular on-farm and electronic support
  • Ration budgeting and forecasting
  • Data collection, bench-marking and evaluation
  • Mixer calibration, evaluation and auditing
  • Facility evaluation including ventilation
  • Backyard program design
  • Bio-security policies ensured


  • Quality Premixes, Supplements & Complete Feeds
  • Conventional, Organic and Non-GMO feeds

A note from our Nutrition Department:

Tips and suggestions for Spring and Summer poultry flocks:

  1. Insure your flock has ample supply of fresh water for indoor and outdoor flocks. For outdoor flocks put water source out of the sun and in a container that will not attract heat. 
  2. For indoor water supply if you can insulate your water lines to prevent condensation getting into the litter. If this cannot be done adding extra bedding under the water lines can help keep the litter drier and more manageable. Also when walking the barns always be aware of loose nipples to lower the chances of water leaks.
  3. Proper ventilation is key during summer, outdoor flocks should be positioned where there is proper air flow and should have some sort of shelter and shade provided. Broiler barns should also have proper airflow, if not your C02 can climb quickly.
  4. It is always a good idea to have some source of Electrolytes on hand to be added into your water source. Much like humans birds sometime need a boost during hot humid periods. This should be administered with direction from your flock vet.
  5. Walking your barns later at night is a key component for cooling down your flock during higher heat conditions, by doing this the birds will get up and the exercise will decrease their body temp. This will help decrease the chance of flocks overheating thus this will help maintain a healthier flock.

For more information contact Darren Ferguson at 226-750-0659 (phone/text) or

Bio-Security and Disease Prevention Resource

Helpful resources for small flock and backyard producers:

Getting started with your flock of poultry can be a big learning curve but we can help make things a bit easier. All Jones Feed Mills locations now carry a helpful resource manual called "Raising Amazing Chicks- The First Seven Days". This book contains several helpful tips for everything from health to coop management and much more! Even large flocks and experienced poultry producers can learn some new tips and tricks from this handy manual. Stop by to pick up your copy and for electronic newsletters check out IChicken's website:

Our Heidelberg and Wroxeter Stores also carry a variety of Poultry Supplies including drinkers, feeders and other items. For details on the products we carry check here:

Miscellaneous Poultry Products

Poultry Water Drinkers

Poultry Feeders



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