Jones Feed Mills has been supplying the swine industry with successful feeding and management programs throughout our history. Our emphasis has been on performance, health, economics and where available, on-farm feeds.

The Jones Feed Mills Swine Team recognizes it takes results-based programs supported by professional services to achieve the full value from a feeding program. Talk to a member of the Jones Swine Team to learn how our programs and services can help you get the most for your operation.

Jones Swine Services Include:

  • Complete ration balancing services using industry leading technology
  • Direct communication with Jones Nutrition Team
  • Opportunities to consider various management and independent programs
  • Regular on-farm support including Barn-Walks
  • Data collection, bench-marking and evaluation
  • Cash flow projections and reports
  • Staff training in all areas of swine management (English and Spanish)
  • Mixer calibration, evaluation and auditing
  • Facility evaluation including ventilation
  • Bio-security policies ensured

Swine Programs Available:

  • Black Creek Hog Management Contracts (Farrow to Finish, Sows and Finishers, Short and Long-Term)
  • Various duBreton Independent Hog Production Contracts Available


  • Quality Supplements, Premixes & Complete Feeds
  • Conventional, Organic, ABF and Non-GMO Feeds Available


The JFM nutrition department encourages producers to send corn-based ingredients for mycotoxin analysis to ensure the best feed for performance is being offered. 

Also, as the seasons change, JFM reminds producers to monitor ventilation and ensure clean, fresh water is available. Talk to your JFM swine sales consultant about checking feed for toxins and managing heat stress throughout the summer. 






Our Swine Sales Team

Francisco Trejo

Francisco Trejo

Swine Sales Consultant

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Peter Draper

Peter Draper

Sales Manager

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