Specialty Feeds

Jones Feed Mills has the ability to formulate and warehouse a wide range of feeds for many farm and companion animal species, as well as offer a range of specialty feeds that can further assist in meeting your needs.

Some of the specialty feed that Jones offers include:

Micronized Grains
When high energy and performance are important, micronized products provide a great advantage to traditional processing.

Micronized Flaked Soybeans

  • High fat (18%)/high by-pass protein (55%)
  • Ideal protein source for all early lactating livestock
  • Extremely consistent and extremely palatable

Micronized Flaked Corn  

  • Increased starch availability and digestibility
  • Ideal for starter rations for all livestock, beef fattening rations and dairy rations 

Organic Feeds
Jones Feed Mills has the ability to manufacture a wide variety of organic and/or antibiotic-free feeds for all species.  Floor stocked products in this line are available. All of Jones’ organic feeds are certified by Pro-Cert Organic Systems Ltd., a national certifier of Canadian organic feed products. All of Jones’ organic products carry the Pro-Cert Organic logo, ensuring you that each product we manufacture is done according to the Canadian organic regulations. For more information go to our Organic Feeds page.

Identify Preserved (IP) – (Non-Genetically Modified)
Jones Feed Mills carries a wide range of identity preserved/non-genetically modified livestock feed for all farm species. These feeds are marketed using the Jones Maitland Valley Natural Feeds brand. Jones Feed Mills uses strict protocols to ensure the source and quality of its IP grains. Many of the Jones Maitland Valley Natural Feeds are available and in stock. Custom formulation is also available. For more information, please go to the Jones Maitland Valley Natural Feeds page.

Coloured Products
Jones Feed Mills has the ability and experience to colour various feed products. Coloured seeds and feeds are popular in the bird seed and specialty market industries. Jones has the ability to use up to three different colours, making your product unique. For more information on colouring, please contact Bert Pletsch.