The Miller's Stone

The Miller's Stone Pet Food & Feed Store

Jones Feed Mills is a long-time known provider of quality organic feeds and grains. Miller's Stone Organics is the brand used to produce and market our organic feeds. Feeds are available for all species and in all forms. Our focus is to ensure that our organic feed is a high-quality product, using only the finest ingredient, just like our conventional feed.

All ingredients used in our organic feeds are carefully selected to ensure their viability as well as their nutritional value. Many of the ingredients used in Jones organic feeds are sourced through long-time existing customers, a practice we encourage to support local producers.

Jones Feed Mills/Miller's Stone Organics are certified by Pro-Cert Organic Systems Ltd., a national certifier of Canadian organic feed products. All of our organic products carry the Pro-Cert Organic logo, ensuring you that each product we manufacture is done according to the Canadian organic regulations.