Why Raise Chickens?
  • Inexpensive
  • Produces a natural food source
    • Eggs
    • Meat
  • Pets
  • Children Love to Collect Eggs
  • Educational Tool
    • One can learn about this food source 
Key Factors 
  • Chickens are a social animal and historically birds are not known to do well on their own
  • Manure Disposal
    • Timely and contained manure disposal is important
      • Reduces the smell
      • Keeps neighbours happy
      • Reduces adverse health affects that lead to mortality
    • Green or compost bins work well for manure storage 
Where to Purchase?

Sources include but are not limited to:

  • Jones's Chick Days
  • Direct from a Hatchery
    • Bonnie's 
    • Frey's

Choose a Type

  • Coventional
  • Organic
  • Non-GMO

What is the purpose

  • Layer (Produces Eggs)
    • Day Old to 4 Weeks use a Chick Starter
    • 4 to 18/19 Weeks use a Pullet Developer
    • Over 18/19 Weeks use a Layer Feed
      • Feeds will vary in protein levels depending on your flocks needs
  • Broiler (Produces Meat)
    • Day Old to 4 Weeks use a Chick Starter
    • 4 weeks to Finish (Butcher) use a Chicken Grower
    • Optional Over 6 weeks to use a Chicken Finisher
  • Medicated verses Non-medicated
    • Plain
      • Provides the bird(s) with the required nutrients to
        • live & grow
        • produce eggs & meat
    • Medicated
      • Provides the bird(s) with the reqiured nutrients to
        • live & grow
        • produce eggs & meat
      • Has the added benefit of preventing the chance of coccidiosis from occurring
      • Can help chicks improve their immune system right away
      • You must abide by the withdrawls dates when butchering
  • Other options include
    • Conventional
    • Non-GMO
    • Organic

Water is an essential part of a chickens life.

  • Clean & Fresh Water
    • Reduces chance of Illness
    • Keeps Birds Healthy
    • Promotes Feed Intake
    • More Appealing to the birds
    • Reduces the chance of Mortality
Housing (the Chicken Coop)

The Chicken Coop should:

  • Prevent
    • Birds from escaping
    • Predators from entering
  • Allow Birds to acess water and feed
  • Be Weatherproof
    • Ventilated to allow air circulation in Hot Temps
    • Draft proof to keep birds warm in Cold Temps
  • Be Cleaned regularly
    • To reduce
      • Chance of Illness
      • Odour developemnt
    • To keep birds healthy
  • Bedding Types
    • Shavings
    • Straw
    • Pellets
  • Winter Management Tips
Rodent/Pest Management

Reduce food sources by

  • Cleaning up spilled feed
  • Keeping feed bags closed
  • Don't overfeed birds as it produces wasted feed
  • Keep in a dry, sealed conatianer
    • reduces access & the chance of becoming wet 
      • Wet feed will mold
Fly Management

Flys can be an issue no matter how clean the Coop is, to manage them try these tips:

  • Keep Coop clean and tidy
  • Use Fly Management supplies such as Sticky tapes, rolls and strings as well as Fly Traps (Call or Stop in at Miller's Stone for details)
  • Make sure to change Fly Tapes etc as they fill up
Equipment Recomended
  • Brooder Box (Small Box to keep the baby Chicks Warm)
  • A Coop (Chicken House)
  • Waterers
  • Feeders
  • Bedding
  • Heat Lamps
    • Heat Bulbs
  • Rake and Shovel for cleaning and bedding
  • Feed
    • Starter
    • Grower
    • Layer
    • Finisher
  • Electrolytes

    Jones Feed Mills carries a variety of Poultry Products including Feeders, Drinkers and some of the other supplies mentioned above at our Heidelberg and Wroxeter locations. For details on what we carry check here:

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