JFM’s Nutrition Department is pleased to offer our in-house and on-farm nutritional services available on-demand from experienced staff using modern ration balancing programs.

The success of JFM is attributed to highly skilled employees.

Full time nutritionists on staff

  • Take pride in continually educating themselves in order to deliver customers the latest research, development, and ways to address on-farm issues
  • Use both Provimi and AKEY nutritional services when requiring technical support
  • Informed of all nutritional requirements for all conventional livestock species, as well as many alternative species
  • Experienced with many value-chain systems as well as producing "value-added" feeds such as nutraceuticals, organics, etc.
  • Access and apply the latest nutritional technology to meet all objectives (lower feed costs, add value, increase performance, etc.)
  • Understand applied nutrition, along with the management that is needed to capitalize on it
  • Specialize in the production of organic-only feeds
  • Are capable of providing nutritional solutions tailored to our customer's needs

Sales Staff

All JFM staff are knowledgeable and personable, with the experience and flexibility to serve their clients better. With individual species expertise and up-to-date training, the JFM sales staff – are able to perform ration balancing and custom feed program development.