Jones Feed Mills has many high quality equine feeds available, specially formulated for every horse’s individual needs. All of our equine feeds are manufactured in our medication-free facility and ration formulation is performed using industry leading software and technology by experienced staff. Customized rations are also available in pelleted or texturized forms and are available in bulk, bags or totes.

At Jones Feed Mills we understand choosing the proper nutrition program for a horse can sometimes be overwhelming. Jones Equine Sales Consultant, Sarah Stewart is available to assist individual horse owners, barn owners and/or managers in making the right decision for each horse they are feeding, considering forage quality, exercise level, breed, age etc.

Jones Equine Feeds Include:

  • High quality, digestible ingredients 
  • Toxin Binders
  • Organic/Chelated minerals
  • Omega 3 & 6
  • Prebiotics & Probiotics

Feeds Available:

  • Maintenance and Performance Texturized or Pelleted Rations
  • Low, Medium and High Fat and Fibre Pellets (low in NSC and do not contain any corn)
  • Balancer Pellets
  • Senior Horse Rations
  • Mare and Foal Pelleted Rations
  • High Fat Working/Performance Horse Ration with no corn
  • General, Multi-Species Complete Feeds also available
  • List of JFM Equine Feeds
  • JFM Equine Brochure

Brooks Performance horse Feed Dealer


Jones Feed Mills is a proud dealer of Brooks Performance feeds, stop by Heidelberg and ask our staff for details. 

Brooks Feeding Recommendations and Feeds Available


The JFM Nutrition Department reminds all riders, breeders and owners to test their hay for their nutrition profile, to ensure a balanced ration is being offered. JFM has a wide variety of supplements and complete feeds from both Brooks Feeds and Jones Feed Mills, which can easily balance a ration to your forages. Talk to your JFM Equine sales Consultant to learn more on forage testing and ration balancing.

The Miller’s Stone Store:

The Jones Miller’s Stone Feed Store (Heidelberg) has a variety of important farm and equine items including equine health care products, supplements, tack, wormers and general accessories that can be added to your delivery order or picked up when visiting the store.



Photo by Amanda Moore from Trout Creek




Our Equine Sales Team

Sarah Stewart

Sarah Stewart

Equine Sales Consultant

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