Jones Feed Mills dairy goat rations are carefully formulated to produce the results you are seeking. Emphasis is on performance and health while maximizing the usage of your on-farm forages and available feeds. Ration formulation is performed using industry leading software and technology and by experienced staff. Customized rations are available for all phases of your operation.

At Jones Feed Mills we understand that making a good product is only part of the process to ensure you receive the results you are seeking. The Jones Dairy Goat Team is made up of a team of dedicated individuals with varying areas of expertise. We use a team approach to trouble-shooting and will assist you wherever we can.

Jones On-Farm Dairy Goats Services Include:

  • Feed Analysis
  • Ration preparation for all phases of your operation
  • Dry-Matter Testing
  • Feed Evaluation and Dry-Matter Testing Training
  • Body Condition Scoring
  • TMR Audits
  • Mixer Evaluation and Trouble-shooting
  • Ventilation Audits
  • Kid and Replacement Doe Management
  • On-going on-farm support by JFM Sales and Nutrition Team Members

Feeds Available:

  • Complete line of Jones-branded products available for kids, replacements, lactating (including parlour feeds) and dry off does
  • Premixes, Supplements and Complete Feeds
  • Conventional, and Non-GMO Feeds Available
  • Jones Goat Feeding Program

A note from our Nutrition Department:

Producers, remember that a quality milk replacer will provide all of the required nutrients for maintenance and growth for baby kids from birth through to weaning. Using a proven milk replacer will free up saleable milk and ensure a consistent and reliable means of nutrition for your kids. Talk to a Jones Caprine Sales Consultant for information on milk replacers and kid management.  


Our Goat Sales Team

Mike Mathieson

Mike Mathieson

Dairy Sales Consultant
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Chris Meadows

Chris Meadows

Ruminant Nutritionist
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